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About Our School

School Overview

Cottonwood Elementary School
4222 S. Dans St.
Visalia, CA 93277
(559) 735-3539


Sonya E. Joyner, PhD.

Our School

Cottonwood Creek Elementary School serves approximately 640 students in grades TK-6 in 2023-24. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring  the academic success of every student and providing a safe and productive learning experience. The school holds high expectations for the academic and social development of all students. Curriculum planning, staff development, and assessment activities are focused on assisting students in mastering the state academic content standards, as well as increasing the overall student achievement of all subgroups.

Our Mission Statement

It is the belief of Cottonwood Creek Elementary School that students can and will excel in an environment that is tailored to their evolving needs and conducive to all facets of the learning process. It is due to this belief that we have been able to successfully develop a comprehensive educational system that meets the needs of all students. We are engaged in continuous improvement of our learning community by focusing on the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of individuals. Students at Cottonwood Creek will be in a rich and diverse environment that is clean, safe, and free of distractions that could interfere with both academic risk taking and personal success as they become lifelong learners.

Opportunities for Parental Involvement

Parent involvement and communication are essential to our school success. Cottonwood Creek Elementary School continually strives to involve parents by sharing information that helps parents understand and support school programs and by providing opportunities for parent participation in school activities.

There are numerous and varied opportunities for parent involvement, including but not limited to, attending school functions, participating in parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in classrooms, koffee klatch, and chaperoning field trips. Parents may also serve on advisory committees and leadership teams, including, but not limited to, the English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC), School Safety Committee, and School Site Council (SSC).

Additional opportunities for parental involvement also exist at the district level.

Parents who would like more information on how to become involved may contact Principal, Dr. Sonya E. Joyner at (559) 735-3539.